Aspose.Words for SharePoint logo We are pleased to announce a new release of Aspose.Words for SharePoint. This version includes full support of SharePoint 2013 as major update. This version also sees the codebase better tweaked and the core functionality closer to Aspose.Words for .NET 14.3.0, which is the base product that Aspose.Words for SharePoint is ported from.

You can download the latest release of Aspose.Words for SharePoint from the following link:

Bug Fixes and Changes

Aspose.Words for SharePoint 3.0.0 release includes the latest improvements and fixes made up to date in Aspose.Words for .NET (14.3.0). The most notable are:

  • Revision bars are displayed in rendered documents.
  • Proper support for SDT repeating section.
  • Chinese list bullet numbers supported.
  • Field update engine performance improved.
  • Better support for TIFF image compression CCIT3/CCIT4.
  • Improved automatic color resolution in DrawingML Charts rendering.
  • Improved tight wrapping text flow around floating objects.
  • Curved WordArt objects rendering implemented (WordArt shapes fit to frames defined by Bezier curves).
  • DrawingML “Glow” effect rendering implemented.
  • DrawingML “Outer Shadow” effect rendering implemented.
  • DrawingML “Reflection” effect rendering implemented.
  • Support for password-protected documents created in Microsoft Word 2013.
  • Reduced peak memory usage for large documents.
  • Performance improvements to the page layout engine.
  • Calculation of line height for Chinese characters improved.
  • Export comments to HTML as footnotes.
  • Export of drop-down fields and form fields as text into HTML.
  • Document headers and footers can now be preserved in DOC-HTML-DOC roundtrip.
  • DrawingML soft edge rendering effect implemented.
  • DrawingML preset shadows rendering implemented.
  • Hyperlink fragmentation in PDF resolved.
  • Improved export of tabs and tab stop positions to HTML.
  • Tab leaders are preserved when exporting to HTML.
  • Move revisions are supported in RTF.
  • Improved rendering of hidden text.
  • Improved rendering of Asian text, ordering of Arabic punctuation marks.
  • DrawingML “Inner Shadow” effect rendering implemented.
  • Multiline watermark rendering supports “Fit to Bezier curves” cases.
  • Outline, shadow, reflection, glow and fill text effects for rendering text inside DrawingML shapes.
  • “PDF Logical Structure” export reworked, significantly improving memory usage.

You can also find these bug fixes and improvements in the download page link above.