Aspose.Cells for Android logo We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Cells for Android 8.1.0. The new release contains many useful improvements. It also includes several fixes and other enhancements. Before you go ahead and start exploring the new features and other enhancements, find out about the major features and enhancements in this month’s release.

Enhancements to the HtmlSaveOptions Class

Aspose.Cells for Android API now provides get/set methods for the ExportHiddenWorksheet property exposed by the HtmlSaveOptions class. The Boolean property allows developers to choose whether to render hidden worksheets or not. The default value is true, meaning the hidden worksheet will be rendered as HTML; switching to false excludes hidden worksheets from the rendering process. More details on this topic can be found on the Prevent Exporting Hidden Worksheet Contents while Saving to HTML.

Enhancements to the PivotTable Class

Aspose.Cells tries to provide all the features that Microsoft Excel offers. Taking us one step further on this road, Aspose.Cells has exposed the get/set methods for the DisplayNullString and NullString properties for the PivotTable class to handle the pivot table option “For empty cells show” offered by Microsoft Excel. These properties are used to set the display option for the empty cells inside a pivot table to any specified string. Please check the detailed article on Setting Pivot Table Option - For empty cells show.

Bug Fixes

Aspose.Cells for Android 8.1.0 has provided fixes for several important issues, such as rendering & manipulating charts, converting Microsoft Excel to PDF and HTML formats.

To see a complete list of enhancements and fixes and to download Aspose.Cells for Android 8.1.0, please visit the download page.