We are pleased to share the release of Aspose.Email for Java 4.3.0 which includes new features and enhancements. It also includes improvements to the overall API functionality as a result of bug fixes for issues reported with last month’s release. To get a detailed list of what is new and fixed, please visit the product download page. You can also read Public API changes in Aspose.Email 4.3.0 to find out about the API changes in this version. In case of any query or inquiry about the Aspose.Email API, please feel free to contact us through the Aspose.Email forum for assistance.

Reading Named Properties from Message Attachments

Aspose.Email for Java, like its .NET equivalent, already provides support for adding and retrieving named properties from a message. However, it lacked the same for message attachments. This month’s release includes an enhancement to the named properties reading functionality which enables developers to read named MAPI properties from attachments.

Adding Attachments to TNEF Contained Messages

Manipulating email messages that contain Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF) attachments is already supported by Aspose.Email for Java. Through its well-structured implementation of such message types, the API allows developers to process TNEF attachments and modify their contents while preserving the same message format. Until now, the ability to add attachments to the main message was not available. However, with the release of this month’s version, Aspose.Email for Java supports adding attachments to such messages.

Other Improvements

As always, this month’s release has fixed a number of bugs that were reported by our customers in last month’s release. These include bug fixes related to:

  • Message conversion to other formats, resulting in loss of encoding.
  • Problems while creating large size PSTs.
  • Issues related to messages containing TNEF attachments.
  • Exceptions while loading certain EML and MSG files.