Improved PST Searching with Aspose.Email for .NET 4.5.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Email for .NET 4.5.0. This month’s release contains improvements to the API’s functionality for working with Personal Storage (PST) files and Microsoft Outlook messages. It also fixes a number of bugs that were reported in last month’s version. To get a better idea about what is new and fixed, please refer to the release notes for Aspose.Email for .NET 4.5.0. You can further share your feedback by writing to us at Aspose.Email forum.

Improved PST Searching Facility with Search Criteria

Aspose.Email already supports searching PST files for messages by specifying search criteria such as message importance, priority, attachments presence, message size, availability of flags, etc. This month’s release further enhances the search facility by providing case sensitivity check for string based search criteria.

Embedding a Message in Outlook Message

Our article, Creating and Saving Outlook Message Files, not only explains how to get started with manipulating messages, but also how to add attachments. The attachments added so far using the MapiMessage API allows you to set the PR_ATTACH_METHOD value to 1. In order to show the attachment message as an embedded one, the PR_ATTACH_METHOD value must be 5. This month’s release provides the functionality of embedding messages as Outlook message attachments.

Bug Fixes & Other Improvements

Aspose.Email for .NET 4.5.0 also fixes a number of API issues related to various functionality areas. This further enhances the overall API performance. These improvements include:

  • Encoding issues during MSG conversions to TIFF and MHTML.
  • Text indentation issues during message conversion issues to MHTML.
  • Issues with EWS and POP3 clients.
  • Loss of calendar view while converting TNEF message format to EML.

For further information on the API changes, please visit the public API changes section of our documentation.