Xceptor generated accurate output spreadsheets with embedded formulas using Aspose.Cells for .NET

About Xceptor

Xceptor is the leader in data-centric intelligent automation software. We capture and transform data; overhaul and optimize processes. We automate the complex. Simply. As part of the ecosystem of digital transformation technologies, we intelligently connect the right data, in the right format, at the right time.

We have a leading-edge automation platform that easily scales across multiple business problems and requirements. With highly configurable, rule-based functions, Xceptor puts organizations in control of their complex data processes.


A large proportion of data for our clients came in the form of spreadsheets, most commonly as Microsoft Excel files. Not only this but Excel had several versions, which were able to create many differing file-types, where they used to contain complex custom formatting.

There were a number of factors involved in the selection criteria, including a requirement for 100% accuracy across a wide range of spreadsheet types, speed of operation, and simplicity of integration with our existing .NET platform. Outside of the capabilities of the product itself, we considered factors such as the reputation and level of support provided by the product supplier.

Mockup of how data export works in Xceptor


After researching several solutions, we found Aspose.Cells for .NET to be a close fit to our requirements. With its wide range of compatibility on various platforms and formats, it matched our requirements in both reliability, support and reputation.

In particular, we found the object model representation of the underlying spreadsheet straightforward to work with, providing intuitive access to underlying data, styling and other details from within the spreadsheet. This allowed us to integrate spreadsheet capture into our product quickly, and as our requirements grew – for example, the generation of resultant spreadsheets with embedded formulas, Aspose.Cells for .NET allowed us to deliver against these requirements without changing the underlying technology or integrating additional products.

Overall, integration with Xceptor was smooth and painless – our most common file types, XLSX and XLS were read accurately and quickly.


We found the support forums that Aspose provided to be an informative environment during our implementation of the software. Any inquiries were met in a quick and courteous manner.

In particular, public access to existing support forums meant that we had the ability to search for solutions that other Aspose users have already put in place to meet their requirements. In the majority of cases, access to this resource provided solutions to any questions we had within a very short space of time.

In addition, access to sales support via online chat has proved to be an effective way to get the information we needed in a timely manner.

Next Steps

Excel, of course, is not the only format in which data is stored. Our experiences with Aspose.Cells for .NET will certainly lead us to strongly consider Aspose software should we require solutions in other formats.


Aspose has proved to be a very effective component within our software, meeting our requirements rapidly and effectively. We have found the product extensively in the functionality it provides. We would certainly recommend Aspose software to our clients and partners.

Richard Madigan,
Implementation Consultant
Web Services Integration