Support for Chart Error Bars and Shape Cloning in Aspose.Slides for Java 14.6.0

We like to share the release announcement for Aspose.Slides for Java 14.6.0. This is a major product release in which we have included some new features and stabilized many existing ones.

New Features

Now, it is possible to set the presentation view type for a saved presentation when it is opened in Microsoft PowerPoint. For more details about how to use this feature, please visit the documentation article Save Presentation with Predefined View Type.

We have also introduced support for cloning or copying shapes within presentation slides, one of the most frequently requested features. Now, it is possible to replicate shapes from a source slide by adding or inserting them into a target slide’s shape collection. For more details about shape cloning, please visit the documentation article Cloning Shapes in Slides.

We have also made good improvements in the charts section. One can add error bars for MSO charts using Aspose.Slides. Please visit the documentation article, Adding Error Bars for Charts, for further information.

Resolved Issues

We have resolved certain presentation access as wells as saving issues along with PDF export issues that resulted in different types of exception messages in earlier product releases.

We have enhanced the rendering support in this release as well and have rectified rendering issues with different chart entities, other text elements and shapes inside generated thumbnails and PDF files. A list of resolved issues can be found inside product release notes inside download section.

We have made several enhancements to the new API. Please visit the documentation article Public API and Backwards Incompatible Changes in Aspose.Slides for Java 14.6.0 for further reference.

To see a complete list of fixes and to download Aspose.Slides for Java 14.6.0, please visit the download page.