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Aspose.Tasks for Java 7.3.0 improves Project Data Rendering

Aspose.Tasks for Java 7.3.0 has been released. This month’s release contains improvements in existing API functionality by fixing a number of bugs. This further aids to the overall reliability and functionality of the API. In order to get complete details about the fixed issues, you may visit our product download page. For a complete list of API changes in this month’s release, please visit our documentation page Public API changes in Aspose.Tasks for Java 7.3.0.

Bug Fixes

Since our … Continue Reading

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Improved Project Data rendering with Aspose.Tasks for .NET 7.3.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Tasks for .NET 7.3.0. This month’s release is sort of a maintenance release that fixes a number of bugs reported by our valued users. These bring further stability to the existing functionality of the API. You may visit our product download page to get detailed information about these issues. The public API changes in Aspose.Tasks for .NET 7.3.0 lists all the changes incurred in this month’s release.


Following is the list … Continue Reading

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Get Text of Chart Trendline Equation in Excel Spreadsheets in Android

Aspose.Cells for Android logo

Aspose.Cells for Android 8.3.0 has been released. This release contains some useful features and other improvements. Below, we list some major features and other enhancements in the new release.

Get a Chart Trendline Equation Text

Aspose.Cells allows you to retrieve the equation text of a chart trendline. Aspose.Cells provides the Trendline.getDataLabels().getText() method which returns the equation text of a chart’s trendline. To make use of this property, first call the Chart.calculate() method.

Please see the detailed article on retrieving the Continue Reading

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Examples of Aspose.Cells Code Comparisons with Apache POI SS (HSSF + XSSF) Now Available in NetBeans IDE

Aspose has now integrated the examples of Aspose.Cells for Java code and a features comparison with Apache POI SS (HSSF + XSSF) in Aspose Project Wizard for NetBeans IDE.

After this both Aspose.Words vs Apache POI WP and Aspose.Cells vs Apache POI SS are available in Aspose Project Wizard from version 2.3 and onwards.

With this integration you don’t need to manually download the Aspose Java APIs code comparison examples with Apache POI framework as they are now available … Continue Reading

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Sync Umbraco Users and Members with Google Contacts using Aspose .NET Gmail Sync for Umbraco

Aspose.Email for .NETAspose .NET Gmail Sync for Umbraco is an open source module from Aspose that links your Umbraco users/members to Google or Gmail contacts without requiring any other software. It uses the powerful features of Aspose.Email for .NET to allow you to easily sync your Gmail contacts and Umbraco users/members.

This initial version of the module is enriched with the following features to make the sync process effective, simple and easy to use.

  • Google/Gmail server credentials are encrypted and saved in
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Aspose Maven for JetBrains – New Plugin Released!

Aspose Maven Dependencies Integration with IntelliJ IDEA

Aspose takes a further step in making Aspose for Java APIs in easy to use in Maven-based projects by releasing its new plugin for the IntelliJ IDEA platform, Aspose Maven for JetBrains 1.0 that creates Aspose Maven-based projects by following the steps that come with the plugin in Aspose Maven Project Wizard.

Previously, Aspose released Aspose Maven Project Archetype 1.0 for the creation of Aspose Maven-based projects in any IDE including IntelliJ … Continue Reading

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HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor by Aspose for Java 1.3

We are excited to announce the release of HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor 1.3 which has useful new features, improvements and fixes. Every new release is more powerful and stable  compared to the previous.

Resizable Columns

The 1.3 release of the Editor allows users to resize columns. Learn more about resizing columns.


In 1.2 we introduced rendering of cell formatting. But the colors were not properly rendered. In 1.3 we have fixed those issues and improved the rendering of both background Continue Reading

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HTML5 PDF Editor – Edit PDFs in Dropbox, Insert Images or Search and Replace Text in PDF

Aspose.Pdf for .NET Logo

The new version of our HTML5 PDF Editor has been released with some very useful and attractive features. New features allow the users to open a file from Dropbox, insert images to PDF files from your local system or Dropbox, export PDF files to different file formats, search text in PDF file, replace text in PDF file and remove any of the inserted contents. The backend of the editor is powered by Aspose.PDF for .NET which is feature-rich API when … Continue Reading

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Aspose .NET Document Generator for Dynamics CRM 2011

The Aspose for .NET Document Generator is an open-source software development kit to be used with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We have added a new add on for Dynamics CRM 2011, which is capable of generating documents using a template. Easily create a template in Microsoft Word and upload it into CRM, then generate as many documents as you want using the template by retrieving details from the contact entity.

Features in this Release

This release supports the following features.

  • Create
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Convert Excel Charts to SVG Format using Java with Aspose.Cells for Java 8.3.0

Aspose.Cells for Java

We have our regular monthly Aspose.Cells for Java release, version 8.3.0, ready for public use. While you download the latest version, here is a look at the biggest features in this month’s release. For a full list of bug fixes and improvements please refer to the release notes for Aspose.Cells for Java 8.3.0. If you are planning to upgrade the API from any previous version, we would suggest you to check the Public API Changes section.

Convert Excel Charts

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