Convert PDF to EPUB

We are pleased to announce the maintenance release of Aspose.PDF for Java 9.5.2. This new release provides several new and exciting features and also improves already supported features to optimize them and give better results.

PDF to EPUB in Java

PDF to EPUB conversion is supported in Aspose.PDF for .NET for a while and in order to make the .NET and Java versions of the software identical in terms of features, we recently ported the PDF to EPUB conversion feature to Aspose.PDF for Java. Please visit the following link for further details on converting PDF to EPUB format.

Optimized Performance

Performance is one of the key improvement factors in this release and during our various tests, we have ensured that the APIs performance is better than in previous versions. Before the release, the API has undergone a series of load tests to ensure that it works with equal throughput under stress conditions (that is, while generating and manipulating large size documents).

As well as the new features mentioned above, this version includes fixes related to converting PDF to SVG, HTML, DOC and image formats, as well as various other fixes. Go ahead, download and start exploring the new release of Aspose.PDF for Java 9.5.2.