Aspose .NET Document Generator for Dynamics CRM 2011

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aspose Words for netThe Aspose for .NET Document Generator is an open source software development kit to be used with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We have added a new add on for Dynamics CRM 2011, which is capable of generating document using a template. Easily create a template in Microsoft Word and upload it into CRM, then generate as many documents as you want using the template by retrieving details from the contact entity.

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Features in this Release

This release supports the following features.

  • Create templates in Microsoft Word and upload them into CRM.
  • Create a document in CRM using templates.
  • Allow users to add optionset fields to templates.
  • Allow users to add lookup fields to templates.
  • Button that triggers the dialog automatically.

This add on will work with all versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

Downloading Aspose .NET Document Generator

The addon is provided in the form of a solution. You can download the latest solution from:

Installing Aspose .NET Document Generator

  • Copy Aspose.Words.dll into CRM installation directory under CRMWeb/Bin folder.
  • Download the Solution and place it on your hard disk.
  • Open CRM and go to Import Solution.
  • Click Browse and select the downloaded file and click next.
  • Click Next and Activate any process within the solution.
  • Click the close button when the solution import is successful.

Using Aspose .NET Document Generator

Create Template using word

  • Open Microsoft Word and Create the Template.
  • For Adding Dynamic fields, in Microsoft Word insert field and select Mail Merge Field.

  • To Get the field name from CRM, Open the form customization and open the field and check the details tab.

Upload Template in CRM

Once the template is ready follow these steps to upload it in CRM

  • Navigate to Document Templates and Create New.
  • Create a name of Document and Save the record.
  • Attach the Template (Created in Microsoft word previously) in the document template.

Please make sure that the title of the Attachment contains the extension and name as this name will be used for created documents.

Create document in CRM using template

  • Open any contact and click on “Start Dialog” from the top Ribbon.


  • Select “Aspose .Net Document Generator” and click OK.

  • The Dialog will Start. From the first Screen select your Template and Click Next.
  • Press Finish on the next screen.
  • Under Notes of the Contact you would be able to see the generated document.

Use single click button to Generate Document

  • Open any contact and click on “Document Generator” from the top Ribbon.

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Customer Feedback

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