We are excited to announce the release of HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor 1.3 which has useful new features, improvements and fixes. Every new release is more powerful and stable compared to the previous.

Resizable Columns

The 1.3 release of the Editor allows users to resize columns. Learn more about resizing columns.


In 1.2 we introduced rendering of cell formatting. But the colors were not properly rendered. In 1.3 we have fixed those issues and improved the rendering of both background and foreground colors of cell.

Rows and Columns

Adding and deleting rows was introduced with the first release. 1.3 features add/remove columns too. Learn more about adding and removing rows and columns.

Rename Sheets

Users can now rename sheets just by changing the name and pressing ENTER.

User Interface Improvements

In 1.3, the user interface has been improved. Extra spaces around UI elements has been removed. UI does not get disturbed when browser window is resized. The overall layout is more compact, and looks more appealing when embedded into websites. Now the inline-editor does not hide behind adjacent cell.

Download the Source Code

Complete source code of HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor is available on your favorite site.