Aspose.Words Comparison with Apache POI WP – Now Available in IntelliJ IDEA

Aspose Java for JetBrains – Aspose Project Wizard 1.3 Released!

Aspose has released its IntelliJ IDEA plugin’s Aspose Project Wizard version 1.3, which now integrates examples of Aspose.Words for Java code and a features comparison with Apache POI WP.

With this integration you now don’t need to manually download the Aspose Java APIs code comparison examples with Apache POI framework as they are now available through the plugin’s Aspose New Example wizard within your favourite IntelliJ IDEA.

Comparison examples shows side by side code comparison for features available in both Aspose.Words and Apache POI-HWPF & POI-XWPF and further highlighting many features that are only available in Aspose Java APIs.

How to Create the Aspose.Words Features Comparison Example with Apache POI within IntelliJ IDEA

  1. Create an Aspose application using the Aspose Project wizard (detailed steps are mentioned in previous Aspose blog post). In the wizard, select Aspose.Words component like shown in below snap shot:
  2. Create new Aspose example from the New option in IntelliJ IDEA (detailed steps are mentioned in previous Aspose blog post).
  3. Select the Aspose.Words component from the selection box.
    Examples are downloaded and will appear in tree format including Aspose.Words code comparison examples with Apache POI WP as shown in below snapshot:
  4. Select an example and click Create:
  5. This starts downloading the selected example dependencies, that is, the Apache POI framework dependency jars.
  6. After the dependencies has downloaded, the selected example is available in your Aspose application within src folder along with Apache POI framework jars dependencies as below:

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Source Code Available

Aspose Project Wizard for IntelliJ IDEA is open source and its source code is available on below mentioned major social coding websites. Developers can extend the functionality if they want or learn from it to make their own plugins.