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Spotlight on Aspose.Words for Cloud and news from Aspose, February 2015

Share this issue: Monthly Newsletter February, 2015 Working with Word Documents in the Cloud? Aspose.Words for Cloud is a platform independent REST API that enables developers working in the cloud to manipulate Word documents using any language: .NET, Java, PHP, … Continue reading

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Aspose.Words for Cloud の紹介とその他のニュース (2015年 2月)

SNS で共有: 今月の最新ニュース 2015年 2月 クラウドの Word ドキュメントを操作? Aspose.Words for Cloud はプラットフォームに依存しない REST API ですので、クラウド上の Word ドキュメントを .NET、Java、PHP、Ruby、Rails、Python、jQuery などのさまざまなプログラミング言語で操作できます。 製品ニュース Aspose.Words に WordArt と DrawingML のサポートが追加 Aspose.Words では、今回、レポート テンプレート内の LINQ メソッド構文をサポートする新しいレポートエンジンを採用しました。DrawingML、WordArt、リンクされたテキスト ボックス、結合されたシェイプ、文字列の折り返しが有効なテーブル、右から左の言語 (アラビア語など)、アジア言語などのレンダリングの品質とパフォーマンスに関する多くの機能が改善されています。詳細はこちら。 Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 形式のグラフ描画が Aspose.Cells で可能に … Continue reading

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Insert page break in existing PDF, Setting User agent string, support of stream parameter in PDF to HTML conversion with Aspose.Pdf for .NET 10.0.0

The latest release of Aspose.Pdf for .NET 10.0.0 has hit the download section. This new release provides some great features like insertion of Page Break inside existing PDF file, Setting of User agent string, Setting Header and Footer once for … Continue reading

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Added EventDispatcher for Events Handling to Aspose for Cloud PHP SDK

Aspose for Cloud Aspose for Cloud is a cloud-based document generation, conversion and automation platform for developers. Before Aspose for Cloud APIs document processing and manipulation tasks were not so easy. Aspose for Cloud APIs give developers full control over … Continue reading

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Create, Modify and Convert Presentations with Aspose for Cloud iOS SDK

Aspose.Slides for Cloud Aspose.Slides APIs of Aspose Cloud SDK for iOS allows you to create, modify, and convert presentations and provides a wide variety of features for working with presentations in the cloud. You can convert a presentation to TIFF, … Continue reading

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Announcing Aspose.Cells Code Comparison 1.3 with Apache POI SS (HSSF + XSSF) – Now with Added Features

We’ve created a new release of the Aspose.Cells for Java comparison to Apache POI SS (HSSF + XSSF). This new release, Aspose.Cells vs Apache POI SS 1.3, shows a number of Aspose.Cells examples and code comparison with Apache POI SS (HSSF … Continue reading

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Enhanced Cells module Unit Tests for Aspose for Cloud Ruby SDK

Ruby Unit Testing Unit testing is a great way to catch errors early in the development process, if you dedicate time to writing appropriate and useful tests. As in other languages, Ruby provides a framework in its standard library for … Continue reading

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Convert CAD Drawings to Raster Image Formats, Proportionally Resize Images with Aspose.Imaging for Java 2.6.0

Aspose.Imaging for Java 2.6.0 has been released and we are pleased to announce that this release contains many useful improvements, including the long awaited feature of AutoCAD drawings to raster image conversion. Please refer to the release notes of Aspose.Imaging for … Continue reading

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Aspose .NET AutoMerge for Dynamics CRM 2013/2015 is now available

The Aspose AutoMerge is an open source add-on to be used with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This add-on is capable of merging documents into one and attaching them to Letter and sending emails. Easily configure a workflow and generate documents from … Continue reading

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Create Signature Line, Specify Absolute PivotItem Position, Custom Decimal & Group Separators with Aspose.Cells for Java 8.3.2

Aspose.Cell for Java 8.3.2 has been released and we are pleased to announce that this month’s release contains many useful improvements and features. Most worth mentioning feature is the support for Signature Line. Please refer to the release notes of … Continue reading

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