TIFF, BMP format and printing support over Android with Aspose.Pdf for Android 1.5.0

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Aspose.Pdf for Android logoWe are very much excited to announce the release of Aspose.Pdf for Android 1.5.0 which provides some great new features and enhancements in API, which are natively not supported by Android platform. Rendering of PDF files to various image formats (raster images) has been supported by Aspose.Pdf for Java for quite sometime and as Aspose.Pdf for Android is developed on top of Aspose.Pdf for Java, so similar features are ported to this API. One of the salient features introduced in this release is conversion of TIFF images to PDF format and vice versa. The TiffDevice class can be used to get these capabilities. This new release also offers the feature to convert PDF documents to BMP format using BmpDevice class.

Print PDF files

Our API also includes a class named PdfViewer which provides the capabilities to print PDF documents. As we know that Android does not have any standard functionality for printing, but Google provides “Cloud Printing” tool which may be used for this purpose. Also please note that Google Printing recommends using PDF documents for better results, so with the help of Aspose.Pdf for Android, you can convert most of your resource files to PDF format and then try using Google printing for this purpose. For more information, please visit Print PDF using Cloud Printing.

Furthermore, if your requirement is to print certain range of pages, you can use our API to select particular page range and they try using above stated instructions to print the documents.

In this new version, the table and Graph objects rendering features are one of the key improvement areas. Please download and start evaluating the new release of Aspose.Pdf for Android 1.5.0