HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor by Aspose for Java 1.4

Today we are feeling proud to announce the 1.4 version of HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor. 1.4 comes with all new user interface, enhanced usability, better user experience and higher performance. Editing text formatting is now available. File can be exported to various formats including XLSX, XLS and PDF.

What’s new?

Every new release is more powerful and stable compared to the previous. Let’s highlight some prominent features here:

User Interface

1.4 comes with a new user interface which is better organized, more accessible and easy to remember. All features are represented by buttons and lists on a flat panel grouped in tabs.

Look and Feel

A good interface must have a better look for a great feel. The new version has better typography, colors, layout and element alignment, which double the user confidence to use and depend on it.

Opening files

The new interface has changed the previously used method of opening file from local computer and Dropbox. Both options are now available as buttons on File tab instead of menus. Learn more about openning files local computer and dropbox.

Export and Save file

The Editor now allows user to export spreadsheet to various file formats.

Selecting and Editing Cell

Selecting a cell and editing it is more user friendly in 1.4. Learn more about cell selection and editing.

Working with Sheets

The drop-down list of sheets in the top right corner has been moved into the Sheets tab. The user can add, remove, rename, and switch to another sheet.

Working with Rows and Columns

1.4 provides buttons on Format tab to manipulate rows and columns. The user can:

Faster and optimized

HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor has been optimized internally for performance and reliability. Special care has been taken to minimize the frequency and amount of data transferred between web browser and server.

Download the Source Code

Complete source code of HTML5 Spreadsheet Editor is available on your favorite site.