Improved API performance in Aspose.Tasks for .NET 7.4.0

We are pleased to release Aspose.Tasks for .NET 7.4.0. It is sort of maintenance release where reported issues with our revamped version (Aspose.Tasks for .NET 8.0.0) have been fixed. It fixes minor issues that arose during MPP to XML conversion and output MPP file corruption after updating. This certainly enhances the API functionality and performance.

We’ll keep fixing bugs in our legacy (for a limited time) as well as the revamped version of Aspose.Tasks for .NET 8.0.0. But new features and enhancements will be added to the revamped version only. Therefore, we encourage our users to start using the revamped version as support for old API will soon be aborted. In case of any query related to Aspose.Tasks, please feel free to write to us over Aspose.Tasks forum. We’ll be glad to assist you in this regard.