Create working processes in an automatic filing system to recognize and convert documents into PDF

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My World Ltd. believes in tailored solutions for each individual client, based on innovation, commercial viability and high technical standards.


We advise and develop an automatic filing system for one of our customers that needed a working process that would be able to recognize the document that were uploaded to an intranet SharePoint list, convert the document into a pdf file, send the document to the person responsible for the type of document that was sent and file the original document in the correct folder for the type of document. Initially, there was a “pool” of documents in a SharePoint list that were relayed (or NOT), converted to pdf or NOT, by one of the office personal, that kept complaining “this is not my job”. The main problem was recognizing the document type by its content directly from the server, quickly and efficiently, since there are a lot of different file formats (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and ex’), we needed a tool that will give us access to any file format data. Furthermore, we needed to convert any type of document to pdf format, which would give the content an official look and will close it for changes.


My World solution was to create a set of SharePoint conditions and actions, which will recognize the document type by an algorithm and will than process the document data, send it to the person responsible and file it in the correct folder. We started looking for a solution that will enable our developers to work with data from any type of document and will enables them to quickly convert any type of document to a pdf file format.

Sharepoint workflow with aspose action and condition and filing folders.


My World looked at a number of different solutions before deciding on Aspose.Total for .NET. Aspose trials gave our developers a glimpse of how hard, resource and time consuming it can be to incorporate other solutions in our working process development when their documentation is lacking information that our developers need to accomplish their tasks, or their solution just didn’t do the job as well or as fast, as we needed. My World decided to use Aspose.Total because it had more features, full documentation and examples, better licensing and was more cost effective that the other solutions. Is was easy to install and just as easy to use and incorporated with our solution, everything our developers needed they found in Aspose site documentation and examples. What was once a “pool” of documents that no one wanted to file and was considered to be random documents with data no one knew how to use, is now one of the immediate and most organized resources in the organizations, sending documents for filing is now a simple process of just uploading a document, users feel more safe that their document will be sent to the right person and it will be filed correctly.

Next Steps

We plan to use Aspose.Total to create more conditions and actions for SharePoint and other systems. Furthermore, our next focus is to use ASPOSE.OCR to automatically file, scanned documents in SharePoint folders.


My World chose Aspose.Total for .NET because it was easy to use, full documentation, had better licensing terms and was cost effective. It allows the company to create a working solution for automatically filing documents easily and efficiently.

Aspose.Total for .NET helped My World to extend its development in the world of AI filing systems.

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