Enhanced Formula Calculations and Evaluation of Functions in MS Project Files

We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Tasks for .NET 8.2.0. This month’s release enhances the feature of formula calculation in project documents by implementing function and other calculations. It also includes an enhancement feature of rendering display details column to output. For a complete list of new features, enhancements and bug fixes, please visit our product download page.

Support for Formula Calculations

Our last month’s release introduced the feature of Reading and Writing formulas from extended attributes of a project. This was our first effort to provide support for formulae calculation using the API. This month’s release further enhances the feature of formula calculations by providing support for:

Using Tasks and Resource Fields in Formulae: This month’s release now includes support for using a Task and Resource’s fields in formula calculations. For example, a formula can be set to the display the different of task’s finish and deadline dates.

Using Arithmetic Expression in Formulae: This month’s release provides support for usage of arithmetic expressions, for example ((1+3*(2+-5) + 8/2)^3) in formulae. This allows to set any mathematical expression as formula in the extended attribute definition and get as well as save its calculated value in document.

Using Task Number Fields in Formulae: Task Outline level, priority and percent complete refer to task number fields. With this month’s release, the API now supports the usage of these properties as formula for a task.

Using Boolean Values in Formulae: Formula value can not only be set to tasks and resource fields, arithmetic expression, and task number fields, but also to Boolean values from the project. This sets the formula to various project/tasks’s Boolean parameters that are then calculated at run-time.

For further information about working with formulas, please visit our documentation sections for:

  • Working with Formulas
  • Working with Task, Resource and Project Fields Calculation in Expressions

Support for Evaluation of Functions

This month’s release also introduces a new feature of evaluating various functions defined as formula expression in Extended Attributes. These include:

Calculation of Mathematical Functions: Supports math functions such as Abs, Atn, Cos, Exp, Fix, Int, Log, Rnd, Sgn, Sin, Sqr and Tan.

Calculation of General Functions: General functions such as Choose, IIF, IsNumeric, IsNull and Switch are also supported with this month’s release.

Calculation of Text Functions: Provides support for Text functions such as Asc, Chr, Format, Instr, LCase, Left, Len, LTrim, Mid, Right, RTrim, Space, StrComp, StrConv, String, Trim and UCase functions.

Calculation of Date/Time Functions: This month’s release also includes support for a number of Date/Time functions such as CDate, Date, DateAdd, DateDiff, DatePart, DateSerial, DateValue, Day, Hour and a number of others.

For a complete list of supported evaluation functions, please visit our documentation article Support for Evaluation of Functions in Formulas.

Support for Rendering Details Usage Fields in Chart Area

This month’s release also introduces a new feature of rendering Details column in the MPP to the output using the project view’s DisplayDetailsHeaderColumn property. This includes the list of following supported fields:

  • Work
  • Actual Work
  • Actual Overwork time
  • Baseline Work
  • Baseline 1-10 Work

Other Improvements

This month’s release also includes a number of bug fixes that further improves the overall API functionality. These include:

  • Issues with Timephasedata from MPP file
  • Exceptions raised while reading and saving certain MPP files
  • Issues with Task’s GUIDs in MPP 2013 formats
  • Wrong start and finish dates while creating manual tasks

As always, we welcome your queries and inquiries about Aspose.Tasks API. Please feel free to write to us over Aspose.Tasks forum to get assistance about your questions.