Announcing Aspose.Words for .NET in Comparison with OpenXML – Now with Added Features

We’ve added new examples of the Aspose.Words for .NET in comparison with OpenXML Words. The release, Newly added comparison features of OpenXML Words and Aspose.Words for .NET shows a number of Aspose.Words for .NET features Vs OpenXML. The source code and downloadable examples are freely hosted on popular social coding sites like CodePlex, GitHub, Bitbucket and SourceForge.

What’s New

  • Remove the headers and footers
  • Open a word document for read-only access
  • Open a word document from a stream
  • Convert document from the DOCM to the DOCX file format

Existing Samples

  • Add table to Word Document
  • Insert Picture in Word Document
  • Open and Add text to Word Document
  • Create and Add a paragraph style
  • Create a word processing document
  • Change or Replace Header and Footer
  • Delete comments by all or a specific author
  • Retrieve comments from a word processing document
  • Insert a comment into a word processing document
  • Change text in a table

Download Latest Examples

There is much more yet to come and many more examples with documentation are available at Aspose Docs. Keep visiting us.