We’ve added new examples of the Aspose.Words for .NET in comparison with OpenXML Words. The release, Newly added comparison features of OpenXML Words and Aspose.Words for .NET shows a number of Aspose.Words for .NET features Vs OpenXML. The source code and downloadable examples are freely hosted on popular social coding sites like CodePlex, GitHub, Bitbucket and SourceForge.

What’s New

  • Remove the headers and footers
  • Open a word document for read-only access
  • Open a word document from a stream
  • Convert document from the DOCM to the DOCX file format

Existing Samples

  • Add table to Word Document
  • Insert Picture in Word Document
  • Open and Add text to Word Document
  • Create and Add a paragraph style
  • Create a word processing document
  • Change or Replace Header and Footer
  • Delete comments by all or a specific author
  • Retrieve comments from a word processing document
  • Insert a comment into a word processing document
  • Change text in a table

Download Latest Examples

There is much more yet to come and many more examples with documentation are available at Aspose Docs. Keep visiting us.