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We are pleased to announce the new release version of Aspose.BarCode for Java 7.0.0. It covers both encoding and decoding perspectives. In reference of OneCode barcode encoding, previously users were changing code text but it was generating only a fix sized barcode picture, but now it is not so. In general, the barcode size also depends on the code text. However, users can re-size barcode picture as already narrated in this help topic: Generate Barcode Using Custom Width Support

The Code128 and QR recognition engines have been improved slightly. In the recent release version, we have also fixed some recognition failure cases. Please check a list of fixed issues below:

  • Fixed: Same size OneCode barcodes are being generated.
  • Fixed: Can’t recognize QR barcode from the PNG image.
  • Fixed: Can’t recognize small Code128 barcodes.
  • Fixed: Code128 document not recognized from a scanned document.

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