We’re pleased to announce the new release of version 1.9.0 of the Aspose.Note for .NET APIs. Using the Aspose.Note APIs is really not as hard to use as people seem to think. We’re continuously minimizing the programming efforts of our clients. To lead these goals, we have added support of load or unload the entire history of the OneNote document and improved the export of OneNote document to PDF file format. From this release version, users will also be able to use offline documentation because we have included a CHM help file. Many other bug fixes, enhancements are included based on our clients use cases.

Load or Unload History of the Entire OneNote

OneNote document keeps a history for each page and Aspose.Note APIs allow users to manage tracking this history. It also allows users to not load OneNote document history because the off loading of the entire history can improve memory and CPU usage. Please refer to the following help topic: Get All Revisions of a Specific Page.

CHM Help File of Aspose.Note for .NET

CHM help file has been included in this release as the part of MSI and zip packages. It only covers APIs section part. We’re already maintaining articles in the online documentation.

Please check a list of newly added features, defect fixes and enhancements:

  • Fixed: Improve the performance of the PDF export.
  • Fixed: Not all pages are parsed in the sample file.
  • Fixed: Aspose.Note for .Net 1.8 isn’t signed.

Public API Changes

The following API changes in the new version are also worth noting:

  • A new Document.GetPageHistory method has been added. It can be used to obtain a history of a specific page.
  • The LoadOptions class is added. It can be set specific load options (for example, whether to load history) in theDocument type constructor.

Aspose.Note for .NET Resources

The resources, you may need to accomplish your tasks: