Aspose.Diagram for Java logo Today, we’ve finished the rollout of Aspose.Diagram for Java 5.6.0. We’re incorporating small and gradual changes to have a positive usability impact. To lead the goal, we’ve added a new feature in this release. It allows developers to change the milestone of the project on its timeline shape programmatically. We’ve also added optimization, bug fixes and many other enhancements to existing APIs.

Change Milestone of the Project Timeline

It is a common phenomena in the system development life cycle to list out project milestones and then create a visual mapping of them in a timeline diagram. Aspose.Diagram APIs allow to configure Visio Timeline shapes. From this release version, users will also be able to update a particular Milestone shape’s date. MilestoneHelper class allows to do so. Please refer to the following help topic: Refresh Milestones on the Timeline using MilestoneHelper class

Please check out a list of key fixes that help us improve Aspose.Diagram APIs.

  • Fixed: VDX to PNG conversion, incorrect fonts in the output PNG file.

  • Fixed: Can’t determine connected shapes in the VSD diagram.

  • Fixed: VSDX to SVG conversion, the shape’s text lines are interchanged.

  • Fixed: VSDX to SVG conversion, “&” character in the text appear as “&”.

  • Fixed: Warning message when opening resultant VDX diagram.

  • Fixed: Invalid attribute error message occurred when saving stencil file in VDX format.

Public API Changes

  • The new RefreshMilestone method has been added to the MilesstoneHelper class. It updates a Milestone shape’s date available on the Timeline.

Aspose.Diagram for Java Resources

The following resources will help you work with Aspose.Diagram for Java:

We hope you’ll enjoy this new release that save time and efforts. The API is quite simple and developers can use it in application easily.