Load OMR Templates from Remote Location using Java

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We are pleased to announce that Aspose.OCR for Java 2.9.0 is now available for public use. This release includes
loading OMR templates from a remote location. Scanned sheet images can also be loaded from a remote location by using this version.

Load OMR Template from URL using Java

Aspose.OCR for Java provides facility to load OMR template from a remote location. You just need to supply the URL of the OMR template to newly exposed loadFromUrl method.

Following is the simple code snippet demonstrating the usage of the said method to load OMR template from a remote location.

String templateUrl = "https://sampleurl.com/template.amr";
String imageUrl = "https://sampleurl.com/image.jpg";
// Initialize an instance of OmrTemplate by loading the OMR template from URL
OmrTemplate template = OmrTemplate.loadFromUrl(templateUrl);
// image loading from url
OmrImage image = OmrImage.loadFromUrl(imageUrl);
// continue working with template and image as usual
OmrEngine engine = new OmrEngine(template);
OmrProcessingResult result = engine.extractData(new OmrImage[] { image });

// Do processing

Please review the release notes of Aspose.OCR for Java 2.9.0 for a complete view of new features. If you are planning to upgrade the API from any previous version, we strongly suggest you to check the Public API Changes section to know what has been changed since your current revision of the API.

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As always, we appreciate your feedback so if you ever have anything to tell us about this release or anything else, please head to the Aspose.OCR forum for a chat.