Aspose.Note for Java is Getting Ready for Release

Aspose.Note for .NET has been in the field for quite long time now and used by our valuable customers for manipulating OneNote documents. It not only allows creating content-rich OneNote documents, but also provides the capabilities of exporting data to various document and image formats.  It’s advanced features for manipulating text and content makes the Aspose.Note library a powerful editing tool.

Coming Soon: Aspose.Note for Java

After Aspose.Notes for .NET, we are pleased to share that Aspose.Note for Java API will soon be launched. The API will enable Java application developers to manipulate OneNote documents in their applications without worrying about the underlying complexity of the Microsoft OneNote file format.

Based on Aspose.Note for .NET

We are in the process of preparing and launching Aspose.Note for Java. It has been built on top of Aspose.Notes for .NET and as a first step, we have implemented majority of the .NET API functionality. In the launching version, the emphasis has been on reading OneNote file format and exporting to popular output formats such as BMP, JPG, GIF, PDF and TIFF. Exporting and saving to OneNote and HTML format is not supported at present and will be available in subsequent versions of the API. The API will support working with pages, images, tables, layers, hyperlinks, text, tags, tasks and text styles.

Stay Tuned

Aspose.Note for Java has great potential for Java application developers to provide the capability of manipulating OneNote documents in their applications. We are planning to release the API in near future and make it available to our users. If you have any queries related to the features or functionality of the API, you can write to us in Aspose.Note forum.