Generate Linear Barcodes and send via e-mail using Aspose .NET BarCode Generator for MS Dynamics CRM

aspose BarCode for netAspose .NET BarCode Generator is open source add-on used to generate and send BarCodes from CRM via E-mail. You can configure multiple BarCodes with in CRM and and generate BarCode in e-mail as you want. Configuration provides multiple symbologies option and you can also select these configurations while creating e-mail. Aspose .NET BarCode Generator can be used with CRM on-premises and CRM Online.

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Features in this Release

The release of this add-on supports the following features:

  • Create and Configure Multiple BarCode styles.
  • Select different Symbologies while creating BarCode styles.
  • Get Token button on e-mail entity.
  • Insert Token with in e-mail body.
  • Generate BarCode and replace inside e-mail when sending.
  • BarCode generation functionality is seperated with other plugins.

Download, Installation and Usage

Please check the links below to find instructions on downloading, installing, configuring and using these development templates.


Please check this video to see it in action.

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