Project Aspose.Email Java for Apache POI shows how different tasks can be performed using Aspose.Email for Java API in comparison with Apache POI-HSMF. The project also covers the features that are only available in Aspose.Email for Java API but not in Apache POI-HSMF for Microsoft Outlook and Emails.

Downloading And Installing

Please check the link below to find instructions on downloading and installing Aspose.Email Java for Apache POI-HSMF.


You can downloaded latest version from:

Examples: Aspose.Email vs Apache POI-HSMF

  • Load Email Message
  • Save Email Message
  • Extract Message Headers
  • Extract Message Body
  • Extract Message Attachments

Examples: Features of Aspose.Email missing in Apache POI-HSMF

Conversion to Other Formats

  • Convert Outlook Offline Folder File (OST) to Other Formats
  • Convert MSG to Other Formats
  • Save Email Message As PDF

Working with Contacts

  • Create, Save and Read Outlook Contacts

Working with Emails

  • Add Embedded Images to Email Message
  • Read Embedded Email Attachments from Message
  • Show and Hide Extra Print Headers using MHTFormatOptions
  • Get Folders Information from IMAP Mailbox

Working with Appointments

  • Set Color Category for Outlook Message
  • Formatting an Appointment
  • Create New Calendar Item
  • Adding Attachments to Calendar Items
  • Retrieving Attachments from Calendar Items

Working with Outlook Storage

  • Read Outlook Template OFT
  • Read Outlook Storage PST
  • Show or Hide Extra Print Headers
  • Check PST Password Protection
  • Read Outlook PST and Get Folders and Subfolders Information

Aspose.Email Java for Apache POI-HSMF Documentation

Aspose.Email Java for Apache POI-HSMF Documentation is available to guide developers to get familiar with the specific resources and operations within the Aspose.Email Java for Apache POI-HSMF.

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