The examples of Aspose.3D for .NET are published at GitHub. There are two Visual Studio projects, one for C# and the other for VB.NET examples. You can clone or download the repository, browse the Examples folder and open the project in Microsoft Visual Studio (2010 sp1 to 2015). These examples are an excellent starting point to learn about Aspose.3D for .NET. You can freely copy and re-use the code in your own applications.

How to Run the Examples

Open the solution file in Microsoft Visual Studio and debug/run. More details can be found at “How to Run the Examples”.

C# .NET 3D Library

Listed below are some of the examples available at GitHub.

  • Add a Target Camera in 3D Scene
  • Flip Coordinate System of OBJ, 3DS and STL Formats
  • How to Triangulate a Mesh
  • Read an Existing 3D Scene