Export Documents to Microsoft OneNote format with Aspose.Note for Java 2.1.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Note for Java 2.1.0. This month’s release introduces a major feature of saving documents in OneNote format that was not supported earlier at the API launching time. For a complete list of Public API changes, please visit our documentation section, Migration from Earlier versions.

New Features & Enhancements

Saving Documents in OneNote Format: Exporting/saving a document to Microsoft OneNote format was not supported at the time of Aspose.Note for Java API launch. We are glad to share that this latest release of Aspose.Note for Java now provides the capability to export/save documents in OneNote format. The following methods can be used to save the document in Microsoft OneNote format:

  • save(string)
  • save(string, OneSaveOptions)
  • save(string, SaveFormat)

Setting Output Image Resolution: This month’s release also enhances the feature of exporting document to image format. You can now set the output image resolution using the setResolution method of ImageSaveOptions.  This gives control user to export OneNote documents as per required resolution.

Other Improvements

In addition to new feature and enhancements above, the NoteTagCore.setCompletedTime now accepts parameter of Java.util.date.

API Resources

  • Documentation – Visit our documentation section for getting started with the API in no time
  • API Reference Guide – Gives detailed information about all the namespaces, classes and methods of the API
  • Forum Support – Post your queries on Aspose.Note forum to get assistance from our technical support team