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As a part of our continuous improvement process, a new release of Aspose.PDF for .NET 11.3.0 has been published with some new features. Among these new features, we also have fixed major issues regarding PDF to PDF/A conversion, PDF to TIFF, ePUB to PDF, HTML to PDF, PDF to JPEG and general performance improvements.

Controlling Z-Order of Rectangle in PDF

Aspose.PDF for .NET supports the feature to add graph objects (for example graph, line, rectangle etc.) to PDF documents. When adding more than one instance of same object inside PDF file, we can control their rendering by specifying the Z-Order. Z-Order is also used when we need to render objects on top of each other.

For further details, please visit Controlling Z-Order of Rectangle in PDF.

Add Transparent Text in PDF

A PDF file contains Image, Text, Graph, attachment, Annotations objects and while creating TextFragment, you can set foreground, background-color information as well as text formatting. Aspose.PDF for .NET supports the feature to add text with the Alpha color channel.

For more details, please visit How to add transparent Text in PDF.

Miscellaneous fixes

As well as the enhancements and features discussed above, there have been specific improvements regarding Floating Boxes & RichtextBox rendering, EPUB to PDF, PDF to HTML, HTML to PDF conversion features. Among these fixes, PDF to TIFF, TIFF to PDF conversion, conversion of PDF to PDF/A compliant documents, text replacement, rendering PDF files to XPS format, are also improved. Please download and try the latest release of Aspose.PDF for .NET 11.3.0.