Introducing a New Policy – Product Migration


As an Aspose customer what happens when a product you are using is merged into another product or when that product is split to form a completely new product? Do you get to use the new product for free?

This is the type of question that the business team at Aspose help to decide upon and behind the scenes we are always working away to ensure there are answers to these questions that will make our customers happy. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of any policies we create and we strive to make sure that situations like the one explained above are dealt with in a fair and in the most seamless way possible.

To answer this question, we are proud to announce that any customer who is using a product that is migrated to a different or new product can use that new product free of charge as long as they have an active subscription to the original product. To make the migration even easier, the same license they have been using with their current product will work with the new product until their subscription expires.

For more information about this check out the official policy on our website and our other policies documented in the Corporate section of our website.