Sydney, Australia - DDD Perth is a full day non profit community event run by developers for developers. Topics include .NET, Java and Cloud based technologies. Sessions are decided based on votes that are open to everyone.

Aspose develops APIs that make the lives of developers easier. We’re developers ourselves and understand the desire to focus on the interesting stuff like learning new technologies and implementing new features. User groups are great way to feed that desire and that’s why we are keen to sponsor developer events in the community such as DDD Melbourne. Check them out:

What’s in Store?

  • One Day
  • Refreshments provided
  • Industry-leading Presenters
  • Only $50


Andrew Harcourt

Andrew Harcourt is a software engineer, project rescue specialist and a regular speaker and presenter at conferences and training events. He has been coding in one form or another since five years old.

Paul Usher

Paul Usher is a Microsoft Azure MVP with over 25 years real world experience in software development he has plenty of knowledge and war stories to share. Paul is also a published author and WintellectNOW trainer comfortable talking about any platform, development stack or language.

Andrew Fisher

Career web developer and core member of the NodeBots project. Andrew is the main organiser of NodeBots related activities in Australasia having run events across Australia, China, India and Sri Lanka.

When and Where?

  • On Saturday, 27 August 2016 from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM (AWST)


About Aspose

Aspose are file format experts. They offer a powerful set of file management APIs with which developers can create applications which can create, open, edit and save the majority of popular business file formats.

The Aspose product range includes Microsoft Excel spreadsheet APIs, Microsoft Word processing APIs, Microsoft PowerPoint presentation APIs, PDF document creation and manipulation APIs and many others.

The Aspose products range of supported formats include Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, OneNote, Outlook, Project, Visio files, popular image formats and various other formats. Aspose produce APIs for .NET, Java, Cloud, which can be utilized in almost any modern language available today.

Aspose Pty Ltd has been operating since 2002. The headquarters are in Australia, and the company has teams in numerous countries all over the world.

Press Contact

Telephone (Australia): +61 2 8006 6987