Aspose Sponsors JCConf in Taiwan

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JCConf Taiwan (J​ava C​ommunity Conference Taiwan) is organized by the TWJUG (Taiwan Java User Group) community for discussion of the Java programming language and related technologies. Their target audience are programmers and project managers that are interested in Java.

JCConf Taiwan 2015 was a big success and this will be the first time they host a two days conference and are expecting more than 450 attendees, 29 sessions, 6 quickies (15 minutes talk) and 2-3 ­hour workshops. Feedbacks from attendees are quite positive. We expect to have more than 25 sessions in three tracks and will be attracting 500 attendees this year.

What’s in Store?

Sessions on the following topics:


Java & JVM Java SE, Java EE, JavaME, JavaFX and Other languages on the JVM (Scala, Groovy, Clojure, JRuby, etc.)
Web Web frameworks, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript ES6
Mobile Android and mobile web
Cloud Architecture, Big Data and NoSQL
Internet of Things Java in the Internet of things, robotics, domotics
Methodology, Agile and DevOps Lean, Kanban, continuous integration, continuous delivery, eXtreme Programming
Others Anything you think java developer should know.


Speakers from the programming community in Taiwan and nearby countries like China and Japan will be attending.

When and Where?

  • On 14th of October 2016 through to the 15th.
  • At the Central Research Institute of Humanities and Social Science


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