Aspose.Email for Java 6.8.0 has been released. Ported from its equivalent .NET version, this month’s release includes the same new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Specifically, it allows splitting a PST based on defined criterion using the PersonalStorageQueryBuilder, the option to detect if a loaded message is TNEF, and getting the message’s summary information using its unique id with Pop3Client of the API. For detailed information about what is new and fixed, please visit the release notes section of our documentation.

Split PST File Based on Defined Criterion

This month’s release introduces a new feature of splitting a PST file into multiple PST files by specifying a combination of criteria. The PersonalStorageQueryBuilder class can be used to define criteria that meet user requirements. The new method, splitInto, introduced by the PersonalStorage class, provides the capability to split the PST file using these input criteria.

Detect a Message for TNEF

This month’s release also provides the capability to detect if the message loaded using MailMessage was originally TNEF or not. The getOriginalIsTnef method exposed by MailMessage class can be used to identify the format of the message for this.

Retrieve Message Summary Information using Unique Id

This month’s release also introduces a new feature where the API’s POP3 client provides the capability to retrieve message summary information using its Unique Id. The getMessageInfo method lets you obtain the Pop3MessageInfo object for a message by specifying its unique Id.

Other Improvements

This month’s release also fixes a number of bugs that were reported with the earlier version of the API. This further aids to the overall improvement and stability of the API functionality.

API Resources

We have detailed information available online for getting started with the Aspose.Email for Java API. These are: