Aspose.Email for .NET API has been in the field for quite long time and is well-proven for its email processing related capabilities. These include:

  • Capability to process several popular email formats such as Microsoft Outlook, EML and EMLx
  • Conversions of emails to several other formats including HTML, MHTML, TIFF and XPS
  • Check for bounced messages
  • Working with spam messages for filtering
  • Ability to connect to mail servers using popular communication protocols including POP3, IMAP, SMTP
  • Connect with Exchange server using WebDav and Exchange Web Service (EWS) clients

These are just a few of the supported features. Though the current implementation of API provides all the necessary features and easy to use functionality, we see more space where the API can be improved in terms of relevance of the API components. This has lead us to restructure the API namespaces.

From customer’s point of view, this restructuring will expose a more logical implementation of the API that will help users locate the intended functionality. The restructuring of these namespaces will not only provide the logical organization of API functional parts, but also reduce the number of namespaces while providing all the functionality at the same time. Existing customer codes, however, will have to be updated to the improved namespace structure of the API to get benefit from this change.

We are currently in the development phase of this API namespace restructuring process and the upcoming release of the API will include all these changes. We’ll be sharing more updates from time to time for keeping you updated. In case of any inquiry in this regard, please feel free to contact us over Aspose.Email forum.