[![][1]. We are pleased to announce that this activity has been completed and Aspose.Email for Android via Java has been released. With this, we have completed the first step towards our aim of updating and bringing this API at the same level as our [Aspose.Email for Java API][2].

Changes in the Renamed API

The name change of the API has no practical changes involved as far as functionality is concerned. This means that if you upgrade your application to this latest version, your codes will still work and no functionality will be broken.

Do I need to get a New License for this API?

Well, this new API is at the same level of functionality as the initial launch version and upgrading to this latest version will not make any difference to your applications. Existing Aspose.Email for Android and Aspose.Total for Android licenses will still work with this renamed version of the API unless their subscription is expired.

API Resources

We have also updated this change in the API documentation where required. You can find the API resources at following links.

  • [Aspose.Email for Android via Java Home Page][3] - Product home page containing details about the API
  • [Aspose.Email for Android via Java documentation][4] – Provides complete guide for getting started with the API and develop applications
  • API Reference Guide – A guide to all the classes and methods provided by the API
  • [Aspose.Email Forum][5] – Your one stop for all queries and inquiries related to the API functionality and issues you face
  • [Downloads][6] – Download the latest version of the API for usage

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