A new version of Aspose.PDF for Java, 17.4 has been published which provides significant improvements in terms of API stability while manipulating PDF documents with various structures. In this release, the inter-file format conversion has been the key improvement area and the team has significantly focused on the conversion of PDF document to raster Image and PDF/A compliant formats. The issues fixed for PDF to PDF/A conversion feature include a correct rendering of background colors, missing PDF/A compliance information, increase in resultant file size, data missing in resultant file and garbled output in resultant file.

Some customers also experienced some inconsistencies while importing XML data to XFA documents and import of annotations via XFDF to PDF document, but such issues are also resolved. Furthermore, we have also improved the feature of PDF file conversion to raster image format as some of the customers encountered issues regarding PDF to TIFF or JPEG format conversion. In fact due to the complexity and structure of input files, the contents in resultant file started to get corrupted or some of the contents were missing in resultant file, but in this release, we have made much improvements in this functionality.

Change in Version Numbering

We have made a slight change to the unique identified number of our API’s. So starting this release, instead of using Year.Month.BuildNumber, we have simplified the numbering mechanism and have adopted Year.Month as release number.

Miscellaneous Fixes

Apart from the above-mentioned improvements, the PDF to Image conversion, Text extraction, Text replacement, PDF file signing, Tex file to PDF conversion, PDF form filling, PDF file merge and import of Annotations are also improvement areas. Its always recommended to use the latest release of our API’s, so we suggest you to please download the latest release of Aspose.PDF for Java 17.4 and check Release Notes section regarding list of issues fixed in Aspose.PDF for Java 17.4