Another feather in the crown. A new API named Apsose.HTML for .NET will be introduced in a few days. Aspose.HTML is a .NET component built to allow developers to programmatically create and manipulate HTML documents, whether simple or complex and on the fly. Aspose.HTML for .NET allows developers to Insert, Remove, Replace HTML nodes, extract CSS style information, Navigate through HTML document either by Elements, Document, XPath or CSS selector queries. It also offers scripting which allows manipulating HTML DOM via JavaScript. As well as HTML, this API also provides the capabilities to load EPUB and MHTML and perform different operations.

HTML Rendering to Other File Formats

Aspose APIs are greatly known for their inter file format conversion features and this API also provides the capabilities to load HTML file and render the output in PDF, XPS and raster image formats including JPEG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF. When generating the output in PDF format, you can also encrypt the document, specify the page setup information for resultant output and we can also specify the compression value for JPEG images inside the output document.

A Light Weight Component Based on .NET Framework

Aspose.HTML provides a simple Application Programming Interface (API) that is easy to learn and use. Aspose.HTML is implemented using Managed C# and it can be used with any .NET language like C#, VB.NET and J# etc. It can be integrated with any kind of application either it is an ASP.NET Web Application or a Windows Application. Aspose.HTML for .NET provides fully featured demos and working examples written in both C# and VB.NET. Using these demos, developers can quickly learn about the features provided by Aspose.HTML for .NET.

It is a fast, lightweight component that creates HTML documents efficiently and help your applications to perform better. Aspose.Html for .NET is our customers’ first choice when it comes to HTML files creation as well as manipulation because of its price, superb performance and great support. Aspose.HTML for .NET is also multi-thread safe as long as only one thread works on a document at a time. It is a typical scenario to have one thread working on one document. Different threads can safely work on different documents at the same time.

Features List

Aspose.HTML for .NET API mimics the behavior of a headless browser and offers the following features.

  • Creating or opening an existing HTML document from different sources

  • HTML Manipulation: creating, editing, removing and replacing HTML nodes via API

  • Extracting CSS styles for particular HTML node

  • Configuring a document sandbox that affects the processing of HTML documents i.e. CSS styles in some cases are dependent on screen size and we allow to configure environment independently of an execution machine (as per W3 specifications)

  • Navigation through HTML document in different ways

    1. Using Element Traversal
    2. Using Document Traversal
    3. Using XPath queries
    4. Using CSS Selector queries
  • Scripting that allows manipulating HTML DOM via JavaScript

  • Converting HTML document into various supported formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF

  • Converting (X)HTML and similar formats, such as ePub and MHTML to above-supported formats

The API is planned to release later this month or early next month and as soon as it becomes available, we will announce it through another Blog post and also customers will be notified through a monthly newsletter. Like other API targeting .NET Framework, it will become part of Aspose.Total for .NET product family.