Reading Multiple Events from ICS file with Aspose.Email for .NET 17.7

We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Email for .NET 17.7. This month’s release includes several enhancements to various functional areas of the API. It also fixes a number of bugs previously reported by our valued customers. You can find a complete list of what is new and fixed in release notes section of the API documentation.


Reading Multiple Events from ICS: Aspose.Email API can now read multiple events from Calendar file as individual appointment. Reading multiple events from the ICS file was not supported earlier. With this enhancement, events from ICS file can now be retrieved and stored as a collection of Appointments in user’s defined code as shown below.

List appointments = new List();

CalendarReader reader = new CalendarReader(dataDir + "US-Holidays.ics");

while (reader.NextEvent())

Filtering Messages with Paging Support: This month’s release also provides support for filtering messages from Exchange server with paging support. This helps manage the list of messages retrieved from the server for handling them easily.

int itemsPerPage = 5;
string sGuid = Guid.NewGuid().ToString();
string str1 = sGuid + " - " + "Query 1";
string str2 = sGuid + " - " + "Query 2";

MailQueryBuilder queryBuilder1 = new MailQueryBuilder();
MailQuery query1 = queryBuilder1.GetQuery();
List pages = new List();
ExchangeMessagePageInfo pageInfo = client.ListMessagesByPage(client.MailboxInfo.InboxUri, query1, itemsPerPage);
int str1Count = pageInfo.Items.Count;
while (!pageInfo.LastPage)
    pageInfo = client.ListMessagesByPage(client.MailboxInfo.InboxUri, query1, itemsPerPage, pageInfo.PageOffset + 1);
    str1Count += pageInfo.Items.Count;

Preserving Embedded Message Format: MIME messages can have further embedded messages as attachments. The API used to convert these embedded messages to EML format by default which may not be the expected behavior in some user scenarios. This month’s release provides more control to user for preserving embedded message format using the EMLLoadOptions class.

Getting Message Size from Thunderbird MBox: This month’s release also gives the facility to get message size while reading from MBox file.

API Resources

The following API resources can be of help to you in getting started with Aspose.Email API.