The Auckland .NET user group is a bi-monthly meetup of around 60-100 different members each month. Topics discussed included e topics include any part of the .NET framework, web technology or Windows apps.

Aspose is sponsoring a very special meetup at the Auckland .NET user group two speakers from Google are coming in for a chat.

  • Mete Atamel will speak about Building ASP.NET apps on Google Cloud
  • Felipe Hoffa will talk about what can we learn from 750 billion GitHub events and 42 TB of code.

We recommend if you are in in the neighborhood to go check them out for an interesting talk.

Where and When?

  • GridAKL Offices, Auckland
  • 101 Pakenham Street West, Wynyard Quarter
  • August 21 2017, 6:30-9:00 pm

Press Contact


Telephone (Australia): +61 2 8006 6987