We are so much excited to announce the first release of Aspose.Pdf for C++. As shared in an earlier pre-release blog post of Aspose.Pdf for C++, this API offers the capabilities to create and manipulate PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat. The first release of the API focuses on providing basic features that are already supported in other APIs of Aspose.Pdf product family. This new API enables C++ applications to create new as well as manipulate existing PDF documents without installing Adobe Acrobat.

Similar to the existing APIs from Aspose.Pdf product family, Aspose.Pdf for C++ provides features to add text, images, annotations, and attachments inside PDF documents. The hierarchy of the objects in this API is consistently similar to other APIs in Aspose.Pdf product family, which makes it more friendly and easy to use. Aspose.Pdf for C++ is also based upon the Document Object Model approach to deal with PDF documents at the object level, which makes working with this API more easy and adaptive for new users.

In order to manipulate existing PDF documents, Aspose.Pdf for C++ also offers features to set page zoom factor, display properties, PDF file information, XMP Metadata of PDF documents, etc. Moreover, basic features like splitting PDF pages, concatenating different PDF documents, adding bookmarks are also offered in the first release of the API. Sometimes it is needed to add some interactive features inside PDF documents to collect information from users, for which this API allows you to add, manage, and read values from form fields in the PDF document as well.

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