Aspose Team is pleased to announce the new release Aspose.PDF for C++ 17.11. In the second major release of Aspose.PDF for C++ API, we have added new improvements and enhancements to further improve the functionality and feature set of the API. In the previous 17.10 release of Aspose.PDF for C++ API, some issues were noticed which have been fixed in Aspose.PDF for C++ 17.11 release. In order to get an overview of what we have changed and enhanced in the API, please refer to the release notes of the API.

You may have noticed in the release notes of Aspose.Pdf for C++ 17.11 that we have added more code snippets to the classes of the Aspose.Pdf for C++ as well as descriptions of the classes from namespaces. We always intend to provide more reliable and efficient API for C++ platform, so we make sure that all features offered by the existing classes and methods of the API, are comprehensive and properly listed.

Some of the major features and enhancements in Aspose.Pdf for C++ 17.11 include PdfAnnotationEditor, PdfBookmarkEditor, DocumentPrivilege classes. With these classes you can now Modify Annotations, Import/Export Annotations with XFDF file, Create and Delete Bookmarks, Encrypt PDF documents by setting its access privileges and Change Passwords of PDF file(s) respectively. We have also included examples, demonstrating some of the major features and enhancements in documentation of Aspose.PDF for C++ API and we are continually working over adding more code snippets in API documentation to facilitate the users of our API.

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