New Improvements and Code Snippets added in Aspose.Pdf for C++ 17.12

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aspose-pdf-for-cppAs per the regular monthly update process, Aspose.Pdf for C++ 17.12 has been released and is now available for download. Since it has always been our objective to provide more features and improvements in our APIs, new code snippets against classes of the API are added in this release of Aspose.Pdf for C++. If you are going to upgrade to latest version, we suggest you to please visit release notes page of Aspose.Pdf for C++ 17.12, in order to have an overview of improvements and changes in the API.

One of the major changes in Aspose.Pdf for C++ 17.12 is, we have used new version of ICU (i.e ICU59) instead of ICU58. Along with that we have improved the performance of Regex class in this new version of API. You can see the list of all classes in release notes, for which we have added new code snippets in the library. Adding more code snippets to the classes have made Aspose.Pdf for C++ 17.12, more efficient and user friendly.  Furthermore, we also have made sure that all features offered by the existing classes and methods of the API, are properly listed and comprehensive.

In order to use the newly added code snippets, you can browse the Aspose.Pdf.Cpp folder, after unzipping the downloaded package and open any class (e.g PdfFileEditor.h) in some text editor (e.g Notepad) or Visual Studio. You will be able to find that code snippet(s) are given above each method of the class with its description. We would also like to share that process of updating API documentation is also in progress and we are trying our best to provide each and every example in the API docs to demonstrate the features of the API.

Miscellaneous Resources

Please visit the following links for information regarding latest release of Aspose.Pdf for C++ 17.12 and Release Notes section. In case you have any question about Aspose.Pdf for C++, you can post your inquiry in Aspose.Pdf forums. We will be more than happy to assist you there.