Support for KML File Format with Aspose.GIS for .NET 18.3

We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.GIS for .NET 18.3. This release introduces support for Keyhole Markup Language (KML) file format. It also enhances the API functionality by introducing enhancements and bug fixes. For a detailed note on what is new and fixed, please visit the release notes page of API documentation.

Support for KML File Format using Aspose.GIS for .NET 18.3

This release of Aspose.GIS for .NET further extends the family of supported file formats by the API. We are now pleased to share the support of KML file format by the API which is used to display geographic data by Google Earth. With the support of this new file format, you can now create KML files and add attributes and features to it. Not only you can create KML file, you can also read KML files using the API and read features information from it.

using (var layer = Drivers.Kml.Open(dataDir + "Kml_File.kml"))
    // get feratures count
    int count = layer.Count;

    // get feature at index 1
    Feature featureAtIndex1 = layer[0];


         Feature featureAtIndex2 = layer[1];


Support for Geometry Validation

This month’s release also provides support for Geometry validation. It lets you validate geometries for several operations and provides you the capability to validate a geometry for rules related to Geometries as well as specifications by Geo-spatial file formats. It lets you:

  • Checking Geometry for Validity
  • Checking Geometry for Simple
  • Geometries Validation on Writing

Handling of Null Values

With this month’s release, the API now provides the capability of getting default value while reading feature value from a file. It also lets you set default value for features to avoid null values reading from features. The GetValueOrDefault method of Feature gives you the ability to get default value for a feature avoiding null.

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