Aspose.EPS for .NET

We are pleased to announce that we are going to expand our product families with the introduction of Aspose.EPS. A new product family i.e. Aspose.EPS, will soon be launched with Aspose.EPS for .NET, as the first API of this product family. We will be releasing Aspose.EPS, for .NET platforms and this API is aimed to perform conversion operations e.g EPS/PS to PDF and vice versa. Like other .NET libraries offered by Aspose, Aspose.EPS for .NET will be available over NuGet Gallery as well as on downloads module of Aspose website. In this blog post, we are offering a sneak peek at initial features of the API, you will be able to use after downloading the first version.

Initial Features offered by Aspose.EPS for .NET

The first release of the Aspose.EPS for .NET will offer the feature to convert PS and EPS files directly in PDF documents. This library will be able to read PS and EPS files and convert PostScript operators directly into PDF operators. The library has been tested against almost 500 PS/EPS files and further work over testing and integrating internal components is in process. Aspose.EPS for .NET will be offering only converters, in order to perform inter-file formats conversions. As shared earlier, that first version of the API will be able to generate PDF documents from input EPS/PS files - but we will be adding more features e.g. PDF to EPS/PS and EPS/PS to image conversion, in later versions of the API.

First Version Release

The release of the first version of the API depends upon internal components integration and performance tests. In case all integration tests are successful, we plan to roll out the first version of Aspose.EPS for .NET at the end of July. Along with testing the API and making it ready for its first release, we are also working over creating its official documentation and release notes. Similar to other Aspose APIs, you will surely have all resources available online i.e. documentation, a guide to use API features, working demos written in C#, etc.

In order to keep yourself updated with the news on Aspose.EPS for .NET release, stay tuned with us. In case of any question or inquiry, you can please reach us over Aspose.EPS Support Forums. We will be more than happy to entertain your queries accordingly.