Support for GML File Format using Aspose.GIS for .NET 18.7

We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.GIS for .NET 18.7. This release introduces new feature for supporting Geometry Markup Language (GML). It also provides support for reading data from ESRI File Geodatabase. For a complete list of what is new and fixed, please visit the release notes section of API documentation.

Support for Geometry Markup Language (GML)

Aspose.GIS for .NET now supports reading Geometry Markup Language (GML) file format. The API comes with support of reading GML files with and without specifying Schema. At present, it doesn’t support creating or updating GML files. Following code sample shows working with GML file formats using Aspose.GIS API.

GmlOptions options = new GmlOptions
    // In this example we specify custom schemaLocation, since there is no 'schemaLocation' in GML file.
    SchemaLocation = "  schema.xsd",
    LoadSchemasFromInternet = false,

using (VectorLayer layer = VectorLayer.Open(dataDir + "file_without_schema_location.gml", Drivers.Gml, options))
    foreach (Feature feature in layer)

Working with ESRI File GeoDatabases (FileGDB)

This latest version of Aspose.GIS for .NET introduces the capability of working with ESRI File GeoDatabases (FileGDB). It lets you:

  • Iterate over layers in FileGDB file
  • Convert FileGDB to GeoJSON
  • Reading FileGDB as Layer
  • Open FileGDB as dataset

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