Native Aspose.Words for C++ Library for Dynamic Creation, Manipulation Conversion of Word Documents

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Aspose.Words for C++

Here at Aspose we work hard to make developers’ lives easier by providing easy-to-use, yet powerful APIs for managing documents of different formats. Aspose.Words for C++ is one such project; that allows the developers to dynamically create, manipulate and convert Word documents without requiring Office Automation or Microsoft Word application. Aspose.Words for C++ 18.8 is a native C++ library which is now available for public use.

We are pleased to announce the first release of Aspose.Words for C++. You can either download latest version of Aspose.Words for C++ API or reference Aspose.Words for C++ in your Visual Studio project from NuGet. This initial launch of Aspose.Words for C++ includes a number of features supported by Aspose.Words for .NET. In a nutshell, the first version of API supports the following features:

  • Create document from scratch and Save it in DOC format
  • Read, write and manipulate existing DOC documents without using Microsoft Word®
  • Document Object Model: Programmatic access through a rich API to all document elements and formatting allows to create, modify, extract, copy, split, join, and replace document content

For full list of features, please, see Aspose.Words for C++ documentation. To learn about the limitations and API differences, please refer to the Aspose.Words for C++ 18.8 release notes.

Aspose.Words for C++ Resources

The resources, you may need to accomplish your tasks:

Keeping the Aspose tradition, you are welcome to shape the upcoming releases of Aspose.Words for C++ API by posting your suggestions and concerns in the Aspose.Words support forum mentioned above.

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