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Possible clash fixed when using two jars at the same time in Aspose.Cells for JasperReports v18.11

Aspose.Cells for JasperReports logoWe have published Aspose.Cells for JasperReports v18.11 now. In this version, we fixed a few issues and included other enhancements. You may also see the release notes for your reference.

We fixed an important bug in Aspose.Cells for JasperReports API when using it with other jar (e.g Aspose.Cells for Java) at the same time. We found there was a possible clash when using the two jars, we fixed the issue in the release.

Aspose.Cells for JasperReports Resources

The resources, you … Continue Reading

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Improved Working with Tiff XmpData and ExifData using C#

We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Imaging for Java 18.11. This is a maintenance release whereby we have resolved certain issues incurring in API along with the resolution of incurring issues in API.


The following enhancements have been introduced in this release.

  • Tiff XmpData and ExifData is not removed completely.
  • Dashed lines appear as solid in saved SVG without a license.
  • SVG files are not converted correctly to JPG .
  • Write character in PSD file.
  • Color radiance
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Create and Manipulate Images in .NET Core using Aspose.Imaging

We like to share the release announcement for Aspose.Imaging for .NET 18.11. This is a maintenance release whereby we have rectified issues in API along with some new features support.

Imaging API for .NET Core

Aspose.Imaging for .NET now supports .NET Core platform. Therefore, you can now manipulate the images in .NET Core based applications.


The following enhancements have been introduced in this release.

  • Tiff XmpData and ExifData is not removed completely.
  • Dashed lines appear as solid in saved
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SMART Uses Aspose.Words for .NET to Import and Split Word Documents into Sections Based on Heading Styles


At Smart Global Solutions, we help our clients to remain safety compliant through the use of our SMART Insight solution. A complete solution enabling businesses to adopt, monitor and improve a risk management strategy across its entire enterprise.


As the process of importing and splitting the Word document was to occur on a website. The usual methods that would be employed on a Windows desktop environment could not be used. Although there were many solutions that could … Continue Reading

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Enhanced Shadow Rendering in Visio Diagrams using C# or Java

We at Aspose are pleased to announce October release of Aspose.Diagram API which is available for download and to be used on .NET and Java platforms alike. In this release, we have improved shadow rendering for images and different shapes. Some enhancements pertaining to precise connectors between shapes have also been incorporated, which subsequently contribute to correct position of connector shape text. This version includes several other exciting features and enhancements along with the fixes for previously reported issues. Please … Continue Reading

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Create FreeTextAnnotations with Rich Text using Aspose.PDF for Java

create free text annotation in PDF

We are gratified to announce that the latest version Aspose.PDF for Java 18.10 has been released. As per regular monthly revision, quite exciting features and enhancements have been included in the latest release in order to make API more user-friendly and usable while creating and manipulating PDF documents. Release notes page of Aspose.PDF for Java 18.10 contains detailed information of what has been changed and introduced new in the latest release. In case you are planning to use the latest … Continue Reading

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Support for Mac OS in Aspose.HTML for Java

We are glad to announce the latest release Aspose.HTML for Java 18.10, which can be downloaded from Aspose Artifactory. We have increased number of supported platforms by including long awaited compatibility with Mac OS environment. This contributes to improved rendering into output devices running under Mac OS X platform.

Moreover, some internal issues pertaining to OutOfMemoryException have also been rectified, which result in optimal utilization of resources by the API. You may refer to details of public API changes and improvements … Continue Reading

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Deploy Aspose.XPS for .NET to Create XPS Documents

It is a pleasure to announce updated version of Aspose.XPS for .NET 18.10 which is available over NuGet Gallery for download and to be used in .NET applications. As per regular monthly update process, API has further been improved in terms of performance and its usability. Since the work to deliver an error free and easy to use API has been in progress, internal enhancements and optimizations have been made in latest version of the API. In case you are … Continue Reading

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.NET 3D Scene Manipulation API – Improved API

Aspose.3D for .NET logo

We are honored to announce the November release of Aspose.3D API. This release includes enhanced support for embedded textures in a 3D scene. Moreover, the properties of the AssetInfo class can now be accessed and manipulated without any problem. Some other internal fixes have also been incorporated in this release. You can use the following links to download Aspose.3D for .NET and Java APIs.

Please visit Release Notes (Java) or Release Notes Continue Reading

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Improved HTML Rendering with Aspose.HTML for .NET

We are pleased to announce November release Aspose.HTML for .NET 18.11 which can be downloaded from NuGet Gallery to be used in your .NET applications. In the latest version, fixes related to the paralleling of micro-task and event broadcasting have been made. Moreover, the rendering of HTML format files to other supported formats has also been improved in this release. Consequently, improved and high fidelity PDF, SVG and XPS documents can now be generated with this version. An overview of … Continue Reading

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