Support for Mac OS in Aspose.HTML for Java

We are glad to announce the latest release Aspose.HTML for Java 18.10, which can be downloaded from Aspose Artifactory. We have increased number of supported platforms by including long awaited compatibility with Mac OS environment. This contributes to improved rendering into output devices running under Mac OS X platform.

Moreover, some internal issues pertaining to OutOfMemoryException have also been rectified, which result in optimal utilization of resources by the API. You may refer to details of public API changes and improvements in Release Notes of Aspose.HTML for Java 18.10.

Miscellaneous Resources

As we always recommend our customers to use latest version of the API, please visit the following links for information regarding Aspose.HTML for Java 18.10 and Release Notes section. In case of any inquiry, regarding Aspose.HTML for Java API, please feel free to create a topic and post your query on our Support Forums. We will be more than happy to assist you accordingly.