Translate Geometries between WKT and WKB with Aspose.GIS for .NET 18.11

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We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.GIS for .NET 18.11. This release provides the ability to translate geometries between WKT and WKB. For a complete list of what is new and fixed, please visit the release notes section of the API documentation.

Support for Translating Geometries between Well-Known Text (WKT) and Well-Known Binary (WKB)

Aspose.GIS for .NET now gives you the ability to translate Geometries between WKT and WKB. You can manipulate WKT and WKB Geometries in the following ways.

  • Translate Geometry from WKT
  • Translate Geometry to WKT
  • Specify WKT Variant on Translation
  • Translate Geometry from WKB
  • Translate Geometry to WKB
  • Specify WKB Variant on Translation
  • Convert Geometry to Editable

The following API resources can be of help to you in getting started with Aspose.GIS:

API Resources