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Convert PowerPoint to PDF using Java – PPT to PDF or PPTX to PDF Conversion

Java PowerPoint PPT PPTX to PDF

PDF (Portable Document Format) has become the most widely and commonly used digital document format. Since PDF format owns the fixed layout, most of the documents are converted to PDF before they are shared. Among the various document conversions to PDF format, PowerPoint to PDF conversion is a popular use case and there should be an automated and time-saving solution to avoid manual conversions specifically when you have to convert a bunch of PowerPoint presentations to PDF. Keeping this in … Continue Reading

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Create Sunburst and Treemap Charts in PowerPoint Presentations using Java

create sunburst and treemap chart in PowerPoint in Java

The Sunburst charts are used to visually represent the hierarchical data structures in the form of multiple rings where each ring represents a level in the hierarchy. The Treemap is another type of chart to represent the hierarchical data to compare proportions within the hierarchy. Aspose.Slides for Java provides easy ways to create Sunburst and Treemap charts in PowerPoint presentations in Java. In the latest release, we have extended this feature and now along with creating Sunburst and … Continue Reading

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Copy Macros from One Word Document to Other in Java

Copy Word macros in Java using Aspose.Words

Another month, another feature-rich release! Aspose.Words for Java 19.12 has been rolled out with a bunch of useful features, enhancements and bug fixes. Using the latest release you will be able to copy Word macros from one document to another by cloning the VBA module or the VBA project in Java. Furthermore, we have added the support of PDF 1.7 Standard for Word to PDF conversion. Also, the latest release of Aspose.Words for Java is capable of scanning user-installed fonts … Continue Reading

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Load and Save JPEG 2000 and DjVu with Optimized Memory in C# and Java

C#.NET Java Library to Load and Save JPEG2000 and DjVu

Memory optimization is an important factor to be considered when performing any computation or processing on digital data. Different optimization strategies are applied to minimize memory utilization as well as processing delay. This is the reason we have implemented the feature of memory optimization for loading and creating the JPEG 2000 (JP2) and DjVu images in Aspose.Imaging for .NET and Java 19.12.

Memory Optimization for JPEG 2000 Images

Aspose.Imaging for .NET and Java APIs support working with JPEG 2000 images. … Continue Reading

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Convert PDF to DOCX with Cross-References and Hyperlinks using C#

XPS Document Manipulation API for C++

We are back with a major release of Aspose.PDF for .NET as v19.12 introducing the support of cross-references and hyperlinks when converting PDF to DOCX format. In addition, we have added the strategies for font subset optimization in the PDF documents. Not only this, but we have also provided important bug fixes for PDF to DOCX, PDF to HTML, PDF to TIFF, PDF to PNG, PDF to PPTX, SVG to PDF, and PCL to PDF conversions. So let’s have a … Continue Reading

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Key Updates and Bug Fixes in Aspose.3D for .NET and Java 19.12

XPS Document Manipulation API for C++

Hello everyone! Its time to talk about the latest version of Aspose.3D we have recently released. Aspose.3D product family offers .NET and Java 3D modeling APIs to view, read, convert and alter the 3D files without requiring any modeling software. Since there could be a variety of files as well as contents they contain, some of the files may behave unexpectedly and produce the bugs. We have addressed such issues in v19.12 of Aspose.3D for .NET and Java APIs. Also, … Continue Reading

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Sort and Hide Pivot Table Data in Excel using Java

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is aspose_cells-for-java-e1558954178996.jpg

Aspose.Cells for Java v19.11 is released which contains many new features and upgrades. Pivot tables processing is enhanced by providing the sorting and hiding data based upon some criteria to get compact information for reporting and presentations. Reading and writing to tables with QueryTable as a data source is available now. This is not the end of this release but the beginning of a long list of new features like modifying the existing validation by adding CellArea, retrieving OData connection … Continue Reading

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Upcoming Release of Aspose.Page for C++

XPS Document Manipulation API for C++

While everyone is waiting for the New Year and preparing for the celebrations, we are preparing to bring something new for the C++ developers. Yes, we are going to release our XPS document creation and manipulation API for C++ as Aspose.Page for C++. So now, you will be able to create, read, edit, save and convert the XPS documents programmatically in your C++ based applications. In addition to the manipulation and processing of XPS documents, Aspose.Page for C++ will … Continue Reading

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C# .NET API for SVG Files – Coming Soon!

Aspose offers a wide variety of APIs to work with file formats. Considering your requirements and expectations, another exciting product, Aspose.SVG for .NET is in the making. We have researched many dimensions and strengths of SVG file format and then designed the API to satisfy almost all of your needs. The Document Object Model of Aspose.SVG for .NET API is completely in line with SVG specifications. It will be a feature-rich API that will allow loading, saving as well as … Continue Reading

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Aspose.Words for .NET 19.12 is released

This month much attention was paid to fix as many issues as possible. As a result, 95 improvements and fixes (including 8 Enterprise Support and 14 Priority Support issues among them) were included in this regular monthly release. Totally 148 issues have been processed.

A big milestone has been reached by our Rendering Team – conversion to PDF 1.7 standard is now supported and has become the main (default) format for output PDF files. In the future, it should allow … Continue Reading

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