Improved API Performance with Aspose.Email for .NET 19.1

We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Email for .NET 19.1. This release includes few enhancements in API and overall functionality of the API has been improved as a result of several bug fixes. For a detailed note on what is fixed, please visit the release notes section of API.

Enhancements in Aspose.Email for .NET 19.1

This release includes few enhancements to the API’s functionality. These enhancements include listing messages while working with Pop3Client, loading and saving of VCF contact and reading of OLM and MBX files.

Other Improvements

This release includes several improvements in term of bug fixes. Following is the list of improvements in this month’s release.

  • Improved working with EWSClient while UpdateItems
  • Improved formatting of HtmlBodyText in output
  • Improved working with loading EML
  • Improved working with date in header using MapiMessage to display in MHTML output
  • Improved working with ImapClient.ListMessagesByPage
  • MSG contact to MHT conversion is enhanced
  • Improved working with signed MSG
  • MailMessage to HTML conversion is enhanced
  • VCF to MSG conversion is enhanced
  • PST to MBOX conversion is enhanced
  • MSG to MHTML is enhanced

API Resources

The following API resources can be of help to you in getting started with Aspose.Email API.